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What is A.S.M.R.?

Some say Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a tingly sensation in the scalp and spine, beginning as far back as childhood while others say it's a spiritual sensation along the Chakra centers. Some simplify it as a relaxing experience perfect for winding down from a stressful day.

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ASMR - Ephemeral Rift - Are you easily offended? Or are you thick-skinned?
Ephemeral Rift
Channel: Ephemeral Rift
Web: http://ephemeralrift.asmr.fm

Are you easily offended? If so, why? Or do you have a thick skin?

Thanks for watching!

Tingle on,
Are you easily offended? Or are you thick-skinned?

Likes: 442 / Views: 7154 = Ratio: 6.2%
Uploaded: Apr 21st 2014 • Comments: 311
Subscribers: 45449 • Subscriber Growth: 11.0%
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Recent Comments

jlandles jlandles said (   4m 55s ago), 1990's sized glasses + 80's hair never looked so good. If you're not
careful, Ally will inaugurate a fashion come-back.
Maddy Greenfield Maddy Greenfield said (  30m 3s ago), oh my gosh, A-Rod from his Mariners days!
MuffinSparkle MuffinSparkle said (  31m 11s ago), I have arched eyebrows, and I am the worst leader in the world.
Michael Soothing ASMR Michael Soothing ASMR said (  40m 33s ago), Very superbly relaxing and pleasant, and the planes even seem to add
ambience! Nice singing voice too....
Hopelessly Beautiful Jen Hopelessly Beautiful Jen said (  41m 26s ago), Loved it. A little tip, start ur eggs in cold water and not put them in
straight boiling water. That way they don't Crack like some of them did. 
ne sel ne sel said (  52m 42s ago), Char ily so much!!! Srsly get so excited when you post a new vid :) xoxo
Sokonit SKR Sokonit SKR said ( 1h 29m 31s ago), Is it me or is her left pupil always smaller than her right one... see this
is why this doesn't work for me....
Jenn Nguyen Jenn Nguyen said ( 1h 30m 22s ago), Omgosh the blinking lights + twilight zone = major tingles! Love it tysm! I
must have more of these~ I didn't get much from your new lasik video but I
was excited when I saw it again :)
magister4109 magister4109 said ( 2h  4m 53s ago), +just20
*Me t00 just, I've done everything to get rid of it. I used creams, gels,*
*even pills and herbs but it wont worked! Thank God i found this*
*program. I searched on its reviews and yes it nailed everything!*
*It provides me multi-dimentional stimulation to the muscles just*
*beneath my cellulite zone. It helped lift, toned and shape my body.:))*
*& in the next month, I know it will completely gone.*
Burhan Aniq Burhan Aniq said ( 2h 10m 14s ago), The stock things made me wonder, what's your job?
clownsandcandycorns5 clownsandcandycorns5 said ( 2h 16m 15s ago), love the music!!! the the whispers!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!!! please come back
and do more!!

khaldragon . khaldragon . said ( 2h 31m 57s ago), 08:00 I melted into mush... strongest trigger I've had in a while. Had no
idea exfoliating my ears would feel so damn good lol

Awesome video as always! 
D. Vader D. Vader said ( 2h 32m 54s ago), this is so amazing!! it's asmrtists like you that make me want to make
videos myself. you're honestly super inspirational. keep up the amazing
videos!! xx
Catalina Guardia Ruiz Catalina Guardia Ruiz said ( 3h 10m 30s ago), I really really love your voice <3 i've got the audio of some of your vids
on my ipod to listen at my bus trips and to help me to sleep 
lwiguitars lwiguitars said ( 3h 26m 15s ago), Wow, that didn't hurt at all! 
autreother autreother said ( 3h 56m 30s ago), love this Video
John Creeper John Creeper said ( 4h  0m 14s ago), Um. I'm Scared, But asleep 

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What triggers ASMR may be unique in each person. Learning which triggers work with other people allows insight with the phenomenon. Some common triggers are sounds of chewing, whispers, personal attention, hair brushing, tapping and scratching.

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