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What is A.S.M.R.?

Some say Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a tingly sensation in the scalp and spine, beginning as far back as childhood while others say it's a spiritual sensation along the Chakra centers. Some simplify it as a relaxing experience perfect for winding down from a stressful day.

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Humans have alot more than 5 senses

Today I found out humans have a lot more than five senses. It turns out, there are at least nine senses and most researchers think there are more like twenty-one or so.

Read more about our 21 or so senses.

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ASMR - Ephemeral Rift - Transmission from Secret Agent Yuri Puuki  [ Intense Eating Sounds ]
Ephemeral Rift
Channel: Ephemeral Rift
Web: http://ephemeralrift.asmr.fm

You receive a transmission from Amerika's top secret agent Yuri Puuki.

Background: I have a 100 degree Fahrenheit fever as I type this, the second fever since the Saturday prior to this video. I think my wife caught it, it mutated, and she gave it back to me.

I called out sick from work, and as much a I tried to get back to bed, my brain said "Hol'up yo! You have ALL day now to make videos. Let's go!" despite the pleas from my body. So for the next 5 hours between laying wide awake in bed and pacing back and forth as to which video to do (I have 3 in mind), and even with a trip to the supermarket to pick up props for one of them, I decided to go with this last minute idea.

I hope you enjoy. This channel and my brain will be the death of me yet. ;)


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Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ephemeralrift1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EphemeralRift Instagram: http://instagram.com/e.rift What is ASMR? ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is the current (non-scientific) name given to the feeling characterized as a pleasurable tingling sensation felt in the head, scalp, back and other regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli, such as crinkling bags, hand movements, whispering and personal attention. My videos are not only meant to help induce ASMR or "tingles", but also help provide a relaxing, calming and soothing experience for the viewer while helping to relieve their anxiety relief, stress relief, insomnia relief, to help those suffering with PTSD or depression, to serve as a study aid and much more. ...
Transmission from Secret Agent Yuri Puuki [ Intense Eating Sounds ]

Likes: 435 / Views: 9060 = Ratio: 4.8%
Uploaded: Jan 29th 2015 • Comments: 144
Subscribers: 99808 • Subscriber Growth: 5.9%
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Recent Comments

Psycho Nautixxx Psycho Nautixxx said (-1h 21m 39s ago), I wasn't prepared for this. I started tingling as usual but this time the
tingles grew stronger and stronger until I started shaking in my bed. Next
thing I know I found myself flopping around on the floor like a fish naked
shouting repeatedly "A S M EEEERRRRR". 
scunnyboybenji scunnyboybenji said (-1h 23m 14s ago), If CrazyRussianHacker did ASMR...
SeththeWicked SeththeWicked said (-1h 34m 20s ago), Lilium, you should do more videos like this one. I think you were always
the best at guided relaxation videos. Well, you and Crystal. People do so
many roleplays these days where they're having this weird conversation with
the viewer and I just wanna sit back and imagine a nice, relaxing setting
like this.
Alexandre Zacharias Alexandre Zacharias said (-1h 46m 17s ago), It's the normal voice of one of my friend
Dion Cedric Dion Cedric said (  17m 1s ago), Love your videos, you seem to be such a interesting and wonderful woman.
Keep making these great videos ;)
Athina Fotiadou Athina Fotiadou said (  19m 32s ago), Richtig gut :) danke für das Video. Habe dich gerade entdeckt und muss dich
jetzt sofort abonnieren 😄👌
Courtney Duffy Courtney Duffy said (  22m 11s ago), Anyone notice his eyes turn purple?!
Rissah Rissah said ( 1h  9m 43s ago), something was weird to me about this video.. then i realized i'm wearing
the exact same shirt. o_O
James Marcus Ondari James Marcus Ondari said ( 1h 15m 57s ago), Possibly useful tip from a fan that wants these to be seen by everyone!
Your work is incredible! From what I've gathered from the likes of
ThatASMRChick and Deep Ocean of Sounds, if your video doesn't have your
voice you may want to add that's a "pure/no talking" video. This could add
to your views. Thank you!

Matteo Matteo said ( 1h 42m 56s ago), It is rare a person has beutiful looks as beautiful is she inside. You are
so stunningly kind and caring... what a lovely ASMR video I feel dizzy so
much love - You transfer with your gestures and words. Thank you so much.
You are great, so great.
Glitch Glitch said ( 2h 48m 6s ago), Oh gods this is beautiful. Thanks for all the learning times and relaxation
Katey Mermaid Katey Mermaid said ( 4h 10m 4s ago), love that you talk about real mermaids, not just the modern "disney"
mermaids! you have a lovely rumbly voice as well. well done!
The Hushed Life The Hushed Life said (13h 57m 6s ago), #ASMR #Series #ShadowsoftheApocalypse 
Mur Crystal Mur Crystal said (15h 35m 40s ago), Once she left I stopped watching ASMR. And thewhiterabbit she was good but
I'd always just watch one video of some of the whisperers in this community
only because the rest didn't calm me. And all of those are gone. I inky go
on youtube for DIY's and organization videos from dollar tree.......am so
disappointed with trolls that I just don't come on your channel Tony I'm
sorry sometimes I ask myself why don't they all just block the comments
section......but they need good feedback too
Lynne N. Lynne N. said (15h 50m 34s ago), Great older Tony video, awesome use of the green screen
Fritz Wurster Fritz Wurster said (2 days ago), Damn, that intro fade-in art is so perfect. Great work, keep it up!
sein mou harbour sein mou harbour said (11 weeks ago), brush my cock nigga

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