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What is A.S.M.R.?

Some say Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a tingly sensation in the scalp and spine, beginning as far back as childhood while others say it's a spiritual sensation along the Chakra centers. Some simplify it as a relaxing experience perfect for winding down from a stressful day.

Read about the Science Surrounding AMSR.

Humans have alot more than 5 senses

Today I found out humans have a lot more than five senses. It turns out, there are at least nine senses and most researchers think there are more like twenty-one or so.

Read more about our 21 or so senses.

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True Binaural & ASMR - ASMR [road trip] - UK ASMR FULL DOCUMENTARY
True Binaural & ASMR
Channel: True Binaural & ASMR
Web: http://truebinaural.asmr.fm

The ASMR [road trip] documentary is a journey around the U.K. to meet ASMR artists.
Filmakers Scott Jessop and Matt Bell meet ASMRAden, AsmrMachine, StarASMR and WhispersRedASMR.

This film was made on a budget of £480, raised through crowdfunding - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/asmr-road-trip

"The purpose of the crowdfund was to make the film.
The purpose of the film was to share the joy I found in ASMR. To meet ASMR artists in the U.K. and share the experience.
The purpose was not to make a film for personal profit. Not to make me money, I want the film to be available to everyone, for free. There are no charges and no adverts. I just hope people enjoy watching and sharing the film as much as I enjoyed making it.”

If you enjoyed the film, share it.

Consider donating to one of the following charities.


Producer, Director, Editor - Scott Jessop, [informal] films

Camera, Co-Producer - Matt Bell, Wolfshoulder Films
http://wolfshoulder.com Music : https://soundcloud.com/gamerdreamerman/cavaquinho-odetojoy https://soundcloud.com/jez-cloud/ode-to-joy-on-the-psr-s950 LIST OF VIDEO CLIPS USED UNDER 'FAIR USAGE’ : YouTube does not allow enough space in the description for the full list of clips used but you can find it here : https://www.facebook.com/ASMRroadtrip or in the video comments. “Be good, My Pukkos.” ...

Likes: 321 / Views: 5288 = Ratio: 6.1%
Uploaded: Jun 28th 2015 • Comments: 111
Subscribers: 0 • Subscriber Growth: 0.0%
whisperedsynths - An ASMR Journey Into Darkness | Binaural Fantasy Role Play
ephemeralrift - One Night at Arkham Sanitarium [ Trailer ]
hermetickitten - ☾BINAURAL TRIGGERS COMBO☽ in 4 LANGUAGES★Français Español English Italiano MULTILINGUAL
whispersredasmr - Super Long Relaxing ASMR Haircut ✂︎ Head Massage, Hair Brushing, 11 Triggers

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Duff The Psych ASMR - ASMR Mixology Episode 41: Small Batch Manhattan
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ASMR - Ephemeral Rift - One Night at Arkham Sanitarium [ Trailer ]
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DianaDew Asmr - ★ Cosa c'è nel mio Kindle? Tapping e soft spoken ★ ASMR Italiano ★
DianaDew Asmr
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DianaDew Asmr - ★ Personal attention ★ Gloves sounds and ear to ear whispering no ear touching ASMR
DianaDew Asmr
Jul 1st 10:07 am
DianaDew Asmr - ★ Binaural ASMR Italian ear to ear whispering and ear blowing ★ Soffi in orecchie e sussurri ★
DianaDew Asmr
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ASMR - asmrkitten - Guess Who's Back? Back Again. (Update, new videos soon, overwhelming thoughts)
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Jul 1st 5:07 am
epistemia ASMR - Sea Shell Time-Capsule | ASMR | tapping, soft spoken
Jul 1st 12:07 am
amalzd - ASMR Arabic Accent Callous Clear Feet Saleswoman Roleplay (Softly Spoken)
ASMR Sadie
Jun 30th 11:06 pm
ASMR Sadie - Craft Haul- Wal-Mart & Michaels ASMR
ASMR Therapist
Jun 30th 10:06 pm
ASMR Therapist - ASMR Roleplay Peppermint Lotion Massage ☀ Sunburn ☀

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The Auracle
SensorAdi ASMR
CalmingEscape .

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Ray ASMR Ray ASMR said (   4m 18s ago), I feel like Ephemeral Rift's Talk with Satan video would've fit in well at
the end 😈😈😈
Deluca ASMR Deluca ASMR said (  35m 44s ago), I fell asleep to this one two nights ago, really enjoyed it my friend! Love
the lights and the mouth sounds. Crinkles are always awesome :3
Chayse&Mary Chayse&Mary said ( 2h 59m 23s ago), Huh this is funny watching a Candian person after my brothers baseball team
beat a Candian Baseball team
Sara Urtecho Sara Urtecho said ( 4h 13m 30s ago), Congrats on 80k+ subscribers :) 
Ashley Ashley said ( 5h 58m 38s ago), Helped me relax on my 13 hour drive to Florida. c: Thanks. 
Mahmoud Akkad Mahmoud Akkad said ( 7h 40m 27s ago), So I wanted to type a comment, couldn't think of anything to type... I do
not know how to describe your videos, you're just amazingly super awesome
FatFr33Pudding FatFr33Pudding said ( 7h 45m 53s ago), omg yes!! the nostalgia!! :]
Moon Quake Moon Quake said ( 8h 47m 26s ago), A wild magikarp appeared 
Lewigicfc99 Lewigicfc99 said (11h 29m 5s ago), Is it just me or does the game in the video look kinda boring and
Whispered_Stories Whispered_Stories said (11h 54m 20s ago), I've really been enjoying this series! Congratulations on 80K subscribers
fastASMR fastASMR said (12h  4m 8s ago), New inTense Tingles Thursday :) This one is all about the sounds of the
gameboy, I'm actually playing a game but also randomly pushing buttons.
Enjoy! #asmr
«-~:{{{conscious of creation}}}:~-» «-~:{{{conscious of creation}}}:~-» said (12h  9m 13s ago), +fastASMR Hi do you have any games for that gameboy? Its been a while since
i've seen one of those, i remember i used to play wario on it ;) Congrats
on the 80,000 :D
ZeroHxC07 ZeroHxC07 said (12h 22m 21s ago), I don't know how half of us didn't go blind from playing with the game boy.
Hell that is a tiny screen XD
MrZorbatron MrZorbatron said (6 days ago), Do I hear an uncoupled focus motor running intermittently in the
background? Seems like the AF was turned off at the lens instead of the
camera, or something similar. Seems triggered right when there's motion
directly in front of the camera, about in the center third of the frame.
CandlesLight108 CandlesLight108 said (50 weeks ago), @ 20:00 til the end your voice is incredible. An entire video like this
would be <3
TheMyameeGirl TheMyameeGirl said (52 weeks ago), Awesome sound! This is highly relaxing. TFS!

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Ever heard of Alan Chumak? He was a 1980s Russian TV faith healer. ASMR - Alan Chumak 1980s Healer (real). The physiological response that is relaxing has probably been around for melleniums, it is only within the last 4 years the ASMR community has recognized the response and created a community that masters relaxation. A welcomed change in a world that is sometimes so fast paced. Spread the word this ASMR day to someone who may enjoy relaxtion and tingle bliss!

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