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What is A.S.M.R.?

Some say Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a tingly sensation in the scalp and spine, beginning as far back as childhood while others say it's a spiritual sensation along the Chakra centers. Some simplify it as a relaxing experience perfect for winding down from a stressful day.

Read about the Science Surrounding AMSR.

Humans have alot more than 5 senses

Today I found out humans have a lot more than five senses. It turns out, there are at least nine senses and most researchers think there are more like twenty-one or so.

Read more about our 21 or so senses.

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Ariel ASMR - ASMR ACMP Down your NOSE personal attention!
Ariel ASMR
Channel: Ariel ASMR

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ASMR ACMP Down your NOSE personal attention!

Likes: 355 / Views: 10023 = Ratio: 3.5%
Uploaded: Mar 23rd 2015 • Comments: 214
Subscribers: 10616 • Subscriber Growth: 3.2%
airlightasmr - ★ ЭЙЛИРИНА ★ (интерактивное АСМР шоу) | ★ AilLyz ★ (interactive ASMR show) (ENG/RUS)
whispersunicorn - ASMR Head Massage
asmrer - Ink of the Mind - An ASMR Performance
brittanyasmr - ASMR 31 PLUS Layered Sounds: SKSKSK, Crinkling, Mouth Sounds, Tapping, Ear Cupping, Lullaby

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SensorAdi ASMR
Kevin Miller ASMR
Wyatt Kane

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Mar 29th 9:03 pm
Heather Feather ASMR - The Royal Vizier: A Binaural ASMR Role Play For Relaxation
SensorAdi ASMR
Mar 29th 9:03 pm
SensorAdi ASMR - ASMR Binaural Role Play Guess What It Is #1
DianaDew Asmr
Mar 29th 9:03 pm
DianaDew Asmr - ★ Binaural close up mouth sounds and whispering ★ ASMR ★
Mar 29th 8:03 pm
MassageASMR - ASMR Binaural Brushing 3 - Massage your Brain - Strong Sounds
Wyatt Kane
Mar 29th 7:03 pm
Wyatt Kane - Relaxing Nipple Piercing (ASMR Parody)
Mar 29th 7:03 pm
DonnaASMR - Binaural ASMR. Opening/Closing Lids & Cardboard Boxes (Ear-to-Ear)
Asmr Vids
Mar 29th 5:03 pm
Asmr Vids - Close Personal Attention - Cleaning Your Face After A Marathon - ASMR
Mar 29th 5:03 pm
ASMR - SilentCitadel - Whispering Update- Rust Art and Resin Nebulae
ASMR Angel
Mar 29th 3:03 pm
ASMR Angel - 50,000 Subscribers Q&A - ASMR Soft Speaking - Part 3
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Mar 29th 5:03 am
ASMR Sadie - ASMR How To Remove Blackheads using Elmer's school glue
Mar 28th 10:03 pm
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Mar 28th 7:03 pm
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Mar 28th 6:03 pm
Duff The Psych ASMR - ASMR Binaural Rhythmic Tappy Goodness
Mar 28th 5:03 pm
ASMR - thetruthergirls - Urban Death Project Seeks to Use Human Bodies as Food Crop Fertilizer
Brittany ASMR
Mar 28th 5:03 pm
Brittany ASMR - ASMR Vinyl Music Collection. Gum Chewing and Mouth Sounds with Close Whispers
SensorAdi ASMR
Mar 28th 5:03 pm
SensorAdi ASMR - 5 Hours ASMR Pure Binaural Tapping Scratching 3Dio Touching Massaging Ears
Tabuhan ASMR
Mar 28th 3:03 pm
Tabuhan ASMR - Turkish ASMR: Ramble, Fast Tapping and Crinkling Sounds for Relaxation
Mar 28th 9:03 am
Susurrosdelsurr - ASMR sonidos con pulseras (sounds bracelets)
DianaDew Asmr
Mar 28th 9:03 am
ASMR - DianaDew Asmr - ♥ Patreons live event! Soft speaking and whispering you to sleep, ear to ear ♥
ASMR Sadie
Mar 28th 4:03 am
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CalmingEscape .
Mar 28th 4:03 am
ASMR - CalmingEscape . - A-Z Get to know me Tag || Up Close Whisper
Springbok ASMR
Mar 28th 3:03 am
Springbok ASMR - SpringbokASMR Overdue Update with affirmations, ear cupping, and love for you
Scooperdoodle ASMR
Mar 28th 1:03 am
Scooperdoodle ASMR - Let's Play Endless Doves ASMR ~ soft spoken app review
Mar 27th 11:03 pm
ASMRrequests - A Quiet Vlog: Lens & Mic Brushing / Life Update - Binaural ASMR
Mar 27th 8:03 pm
MassageASMR - ASMR Back Scratching, Tracing & Running Fingers
Mar 27th 6:03 pm
ASMR -  - Ramble Update
Mar 27th 6:03 pm
_asmr4u_ - ASMR Magic Card Trick # 24 Card Selfie
ASMR Angel
Mar 27th 5:03 pm
ASMR Angel - come join me on Twitch now :-)
ASMR Therapist
Mar 27th 3:03 pm
ASMR Therapist - ASMR Roleplay | Ear Cleaning For ♥ YOU ♥
Caroline ASMR
Mar 27th 2:03 pm
Caroline ASMR - {BINAURAL ASMR} 30 Minutes of Fast Ear Tapping – No Talking
Mar 27th 11:03 am
Nicolasmrelaxation - ASMR Teen's Premiere auto-massage
Mar 27th 8:03 am
shinobiwhispers - ASMR Beauty Pageant Consultant Role Play

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Recent Comments

StaticV StaticV said ( 1h 16m 14s ago), I never liked that necklace anyways
Dr. Mabumsen Dr. Mabumsen said ( 1h 23m 10s ago), i have to be honest. this is the in my opinion best asmr video you ever
made! there was all the good stuff in it, and your rift character rooster
expanded again. ALso very awesome how we get a taste of Iggy's life. Like
fellow viewer mentioned, i can't guess how hard it must've been to not
laugh during some lines :D Keep on with the amazing work!
To Bear To Bear said ( 1h 47m 33s ago), A clear case of pickle envy.
ikanhazw1n ikanhazw1n said ( 2h  2m 30s ago), I have that Portal gun replica! I love ER's videos. They're always so
great. Thanks for introducing me to Scooperdoodle too I'll be sure to check
her out
Angus Dolan Angus Dolan said ( 2h 17m 47s ago), I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Thanks, Bekah! n__n
JacobWhoDrawsComix JacobWhoDrawsComix said ( 2h 24m 41s ago), Spring, you always have a seat our table of the ASMR community. As a whole
we are privileged to have someone as sweet as you willing to brave the
internet and try to help complete strangers relax. Please be strong. If you
feel tired from the waves of negativity; do not fret. We; your fans,
admirers, and listeners; are willing to stick by you and pick you up as you
have done the same for us. Do what you need to heal, we will be here for
Noise ASMR Noise ASMR said ( 3h 47m 48s ago), showAndTell | sounds | softSpoken | english | female
предметы | звуки | тихийГолос | английский | женский
Dennis Siple Dennis Siple said (2 days ago), Are you going to do a followup video on your iPad? Just curious about your
experience, what you like/don't like. How your son likes it, etc. 
Françoise BROSSE Françoise BROSSE said (2 days ago), Thank you for this video ... Very relaxing...You have a beautiful voice and
as we say back home in France : Tu m'as anesthésiée (You anesthetized me)
I slept like a baby ... Again thank you ...
ASMR Sadie ASMR Sadie said (2 days ago), Check out this video on YouTube:
Nickolas Tsikuris Nickolas Tsikuris said (1 weeks ago), I really enjoy watching your videos! Your intelligence, soothing voice and
silly quirks are some of the many reasons why I subscribed to your channel.
I was never interested in the sport of racing, until I watched this video.
Formula 1 really sparked my curiosity, and I was wondering where I could
find more information on the sport and learn more of the basics? 
John Wilson John Wilson said (2 weeks ago), I admire how you handle some of the stranger/more inappropriate comments.
You seem like a very thoughtful and intelligent person. Thank you for
sharing your videos with us. They have greatly helped me to relax and fall
asleep better. 
Michael Gilmore Michael Gilmore said (15 weeks ago), The poster....

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