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What is A.S.M.R.?

Some say Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a tingly sensation in the scalp and spine, beginning as far back as childhood while others say it's a pleasurable seizure or brain orgasm. Some simplify it as a relaxing experience perfect for winding down from a stressful day.

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Humans have alot more than 5 senses

Today I found out humans have a lot more than five senses. It turns out, there are at least nine senses and most researchers think there are more like twenty-one or so.

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Dana ASMR - [한국어 ASMR(ENG SUB)]아이스크림 케이크 이팅 사운드 Icecream Cake Eating Sound
Channel: Dana ASMR
Web: http://dahampark.asmr.fm

오랜만에 이팅사운드!!! 제가 좋아하는 아이스크림 케이크로 준비해보았습니다ㅎㅎㅎ 굿밤하세용 :)
I think it has been long time since I made eating sound asmr. I prepared icecream cake since I love the taste and I love the sound. I hope you like it ;)

*아이스크림 케이크 정보 Icecream Cake Info*
베스킨라빈스 와츄원 No.8 Baskin Robbins Whatyouwant No.8
( I heard they only have this icecream cake in Korea.)

* ASMR이란? *
ASMR(Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) 이란 시각적, 촉각적, 청각적, 후각적, 혹은 인지적 자극에 반응하여 나타나는 심리적 안정감이나 쾌감 등의 감각적 경험을 의미합니다. 쉽게 풀어서 말씀드리면, 어렸을 때 엄마가 무릎에 머리를 앉혀놓고 귀를 파주었을 때나 미용실에서 미용사가 머리카락을 잘라주거나 샴푸를 할 때 잠이 솔솔 왔던 경험, 혹은 바다나 산 등의 자연소리를 들으면 마음이 편안해지고 안정되는 느낌을 받았던 적이 한번씩 있으셨을 꺼예요. 이런 여러 상황들 속에서 촉각,청각,시각 등등을 통해 편안함을 느끼게 되는 것을 "ASMR" 이라고 합니다 *ASMR 누가, 왜 들어요?* 주로 영상을 보시는 분 들은 불면증, 수면 불규칙, 혹은 공부할 때 집중하기 위한 용도로 많이 사용하십니다. 단순히 마음이 편안해지고 싶거나 혹은 특정 소리를 좋아하셔서 찾아보시는 분 들도 있습니다. (팅글 팅글. 느낄 때마다 좋은 tingle을 찾아서 asmr 여행 삼만리) *ASMR?* ASMR(Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a sensible experience like psychological relaxation or pleasant as a reaction of visual, touching, hearing, smell or recognition stimuli. For example, while your mother cleaned your ears or a hairdresser cut and shampoo your hair, you felt drowsy. Or when you go to the mountains or sea, you feel relaxed and calm through listening the sound of nature. This process is called ASMR which you feel comfort and relax under certain circumstances. *Who & Why listen ASMR?* Mostly, people who have insomnia, sleeping disorder and who want to focus on something, like studying, listen to ASMR. Of course, there are some people who want to be relaxed or who like to listen to certain kinds of sounds also listen to ASMR. (Tingle. Tingle.) Instagram http://instagram.com/dana_asmr Naver Blog http://blog.naver.com/daham94 Email daham94@hanmail.net Facebook www.facebook.com/ArtDana.ASMR ...
[한국어 ASMR(ENG SUB)]아이스크림 케이크 이팅 사운드 Icecream Cake Eating Sound

Likes: 1142 / Views: 11512 = Ratio: 9.9%
Uploaded: Oct 28th 2016 • Comments: 556
Subscribers: 311496 • Subscriber Growth: 7.3%
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How to use Piracetam

Tingles disappeared? Worried about optimal brain performance? Maybe you are suffering from years of alcohol use. (Aren't we all?) There is a new vitamin/supplement backed by PHD's and energy drink manufacterers called Piracetam. Learn how to use it effectively. http://forums.asmr.fm/read.php?3,2384

Liposomal Vitamin C

Liposomal Vitamin C is a soy lecithin encapsulated ascorbic acid. Us, along with fruit bats and great apes, are among the few who have stopped produciing Vitamin C from our livers (reptiles produce it from thier kidneys), and as a result we need large amounts from fruits. See how to make your own liposomal vitamin C here. You can also make liposomal vitamin c from cherry skins, it is a little more expensive, but provides b vitamins and anti-oxidants. Enter the ASMR nutrition forums for more.

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Incredible things are happening inside Youtube Search! ASMR is skyrocketing, yet there is a big big surprise. See the stats here


   Ethereal Planet - Mortality Redefined

Russian internet millionaire is trying to change nothing less than our destiny, by making it possible to upload a human brain to a computer. Read the Truth Here.


Recent Comments

Joshua Tunis Joshua Tunis said (  55m 26s ago), Very nice mukbang. Very enjoyable. Thank you :) One of my new favorite channels!
순이삼 순이삼 said ( 5h 38m 37s ago), 벌써 연락이 갔나여? 듀근듀근 긴장긴장 쫄깃쫄깃하네여 당첨이 안됬다면 뭐 아쉽지만...뭐..ㅎㅎ<br />아 혹시 연락받으신분 있으신가여
최다혜 최다혜 said ( 7h  9m 8s ago), 15분쯤에 화면 이상해져서 계속 계란귀신이라고 하시는거 너무웃겨서 잠다 깼어욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ돌아오니까 돌아온다x100ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Savannah Buxton Savannah Buxton said (12 weeks ago), omg more last of us please! like where ellie is with Riley in the mall by the carousel?
krtomb87 krtomb87 said (27 weeks ago), Should have done this when Joel is crouching - he doesn't scratch his head in this stance. But otherwise - awesome job! :)
ASMR Gratitude ASMR Gratitude said (29 weeks ago), it is snowing here in Michigan today and this is lovely to listen to!
Archangel Archangel said (30 weeks ago), How about doing some dragon age inquisition videos? The storm coast would make a perfect asmr ambience video.
morbidgypsy morbidgypsy said (30 weeks ago), You are making exactly what I'm looking for. the ambiance is perfect. music would ruin the calmness that this projects
Lavinia de Mortalium Lavinia de Mortalium said (30 weeks ago), I've been dying for someone to post a Last of Us ASMR. This is lovely.
Nath2206 Nath2206 said (66 weeks ago), This reading sure resonates with me....been eating my emotions w negative situations, too much..... thanks for the heads up.<br /><br />PS: Gregory, your volume is really too low, seems like you are a million miles away, lol...& I dont have this problem with other readers..... Thanks sweety :)  Blessings to you!!
Guiding Echoes Guiding Echoes said (66 weeks ago), "It's time for a detox."<br /><br />I paused the video and laughed right there, because I am going to a friend's house in 15 minutes and we are doing a detox today! Do you have hidden cameras in my house, Gregory?! <br /><br />(unpauses and watches the rest of the video)
Nobody Here Nobody Here said (67 weeks ago), Hi Greg I notice that the Thoth (Crowley's) deck is very much embedded in astrology and Kabbalah. Since you are an amazing astrologer, do you have any comment on the astrological elements in the cards and in the reading? Thanks in advance Greg!

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