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Some say Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a tingly sensation in the scalp and spine, beginning as far back as childhood while others say it's a spiritual sensation along the Chakra centers. Some simplify it as a relaxing experience perfect for winding down from a stressful day.

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DianaDew Asmr - ★ 5 3D triggers for you ★ ear brush, feather tickle, wind blowing and wood/metal tapping ★ ASMR
DianaDew Asmr
Channel: DianaDew Asmr
Web: http://dianadewasmr.asmr.fm

01:41 Ear brushing
06:07 Ear blowing
09:48 Metal pouch tapping and scratching
14:08 Feather ear tickle
18:42 Wooden comb tapping and scratching

Binaural video recorded with styrofoam dummy head for your pleasure and relaxation. I will start by brushing your ears with my special make up brush, proceed by blowing in each of them, I go on playing with my pouch, then I use my sweet eather to tickle your ears and lastly I play with my wooden comb.

Since some of you asked I opened my patreon page: http://goo.gl/yd2ak5

Feel free to inbox me on any social network:
Facebook: facebook.com/asmrdianadew
Twitter: twitter.com/DianaDewAsmr
Tumblr: dianadewasmr.tumblr.com
My Blog: http://goo.gl/Td697b

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What is ASMR? http://goo.gl/aJ8rdy
★ 5 3D triggers for you ★ ear brush, feather tickle, wind blowing and wood/metal tapping ★ ASMR

Likes: 285 / Views: 5188 = Ratio: 5.5%
Uploaded: Apr 16th 2014 • Comments: 113
Subscribers: 10869 • Subscriber Growth: 9.9%
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Recent Comments

David Ibarra David Ibarra said (  57m 1s ago), I don't know why but so many holes on something like that bread, make feel
Valkes Valkes said ( 1h  8m 14s ago), Gorgeous video, thanks so much for sharing. I totally don't get tingles
from hand movements but this one was spectacular.
CёnЯм CёnЯм said ( 1h 12m 40s ago),
This sound is amazing♡

I'm Japanese people!
So my Grammar is very Crazy! :D

I LOVE your movie!!
Keep It up! :)

Twinkle Jain Twinkle Jain said ( 1h 47m 19s ago), This is so SOOOOO amazing! I have never felt such ASMR in a long long
while. the back of my head and neck have never felt so good! Thank you for
this brilliant peace of awesomeness! =)
asmr asmr said ( 2h 47m 52s ago), Congrats :) I am sure it wont be long until 200,000
Fluffy PinkDucks Fluffy PinkDucks said ( 2h 50m 20s ago), You tapping on the glass,or mirror,has to be my favorite! Please make more
of these tapping and scratching videos! ;)
LrdDarkFyre LrdDarkFyre said ( 3h  4m 20s ago), Thank you for sharing the wonder stories.
Chris Penner Chris Penner said ( 3h  9m 30s ago), You're extremely beautiful and your videos knock me out every time!
Queen B Queen B said ( 3h 14m 36s ago), Another well done video! So relaxing! Thank you ;) 
JIEUN BING JIEUN BING said ( 3h 17m 21s ago), 최고예요... 고마워요 :)
brennaboo brennaboo said ( 4h  2m 43s ago), 49ers fan haha, born and raised in the bay area.
General Coolman General Coolman said ( 4h 11m 7s ago), Yay~ time to either listen this in class or be beheaded later tonight while
falling asleep. Thanks as always Nicole for what's probably another awesome
Lizard Gzz Lizard Gzz said ( 9h 33m 50s ago), Question. Does Nestlé sponsors you? A nestle add appears in my iPad. I
think is awesome if you have this sponsor. It appears at the top of the
page or app, the entire video. Good for you! Bye.
DonnaASMR DonnaASMR said (43 weeks ago), Wow, that is a very nice compliment! Thank you so much!

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What triggers ASMR may be unique in each person. Learning which triggers work with other people allows insight with the phenomenon. Some common triggers are sounds of chewing, whispers, personal attention, hair brushing, tapping and scratching.

Read about ASMR Triggers & Research.

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