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What is A.S.M.R.?

Some say Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a tingly sensation in the scalp and spine, beginning as far back as childhood while others say it's a spiritual sensation along the Chakra centers. Some simplify it as a relaxing experience perfect for winding down from a stressful day.

Read about the Science Surrounding AMSR.

Humans have alot more than 5 senses

Today I found out humans have a lot more than five senses. It turns out, there are at least nine senses and most researchers think there are more like twenty-one or so.

Read more about our 21 or so senses.

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200th Video! Questions and Answers (and a competition) ASMR

Likes: 304 / Views: 5344 = Ratio: 5.7%
Uploaded: Jul 30th 2015 • Comments: 111
Subscribers: 62276 • Subscriber Growth: 2.5%
airlightasmr - ASMR: 3D Virtual SPA salon. Hair treatment + Rus ACCENT | АСМР: Виртуальный СПА салон. Лечение волос
hlvillaire - A bit of a confession #realmoment (maybe relaxing?)
theasmrangel - Post Office Parcel Wrapping ASMR ( Roleplay - Personal Attention )
whispersredasmr - Relaxing Close Up Tapping Sounds | ASMR | Sticky Fingers - Plastic - Leather

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Jul 30th 10:07 pm
VisualSounds1 - 200th Video! Questions and Answers (and a competition) ASMR
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Jul 30th 9:07 pm
The Auracle - [ASMR] Whispered  ★ Guided Relaxation for sleep/stress/anxiety ★ [Ear to ear]  [Whispers]
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The ASMR Circus - ASMR Shaving Foam, Coconut Shell & Paint Brush . Whispered
Jul 30th 8:07 pm
ASMR - tahteebayy - asmr
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Jul 30th 8:07 pm
Brittany ASMR - ASMR Unboxing: Snacks from Around the Globe! Crinkles Galore, Fizzy Mouth Sounds at End [Munchpak}
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Jul 30th 8:07 pm
Tingle Smith - ASMR: Eating Sounds | Jaffa Cakes | Whispered Review | Mouth Sounds
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Jul 30th 7:07 pm
ASMR Massage Psychetruth - ASMR Hair Brushing and Haircut Binaural - Soft Spoken & Scissor Sounds
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Jul 30th 7:07 pm
Air Light АСМР - ASMR: 3D Virtual SPA salon. Hair treatment + Rus ACCENT | АСМР: Виртуальный СПА салон. Лечение волос
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Luminin - ASMR Let's Plays - 1K Subs, 30 Days Of One-Offs, Live Streams and Q&A! // Non-ASMR
Jul 30th 7:07 pm
NekoASMR - ASMR | Sleep Video. Raining. Doodling. Inaudible whispering. Tapping. 3D. Mouth sounds.
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Jul 30th 7:07 pm
DianaDew Asmr - ★ Sk sk and tak tak binaural whispered sounds ★ ASMR ★
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Jul 30th 7:07 pm
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Jul 30th 4:07 pm
Zoruasmr - ASMR FR - Lecture manuel GameBoy Color - Avec sons de feu de cheminée
ASMR Angel
Jul 30th 4:07 pm
ASMR Angel - Post Office Parcel Wrapping ASMR ( Roleplay - Personal Attention )
Ephemeral Rift
Jul 30th 3:07 pm
Ephemeral Rift - ASMR Let's Play The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - #2 - Questing in White Orchard
Jul 30th 2:07 pm
ASMR - DeepOceanOfsounds - (3D binaural recording) Asmr newspaper & plastic bags on your head
The ASMRCast
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The ASMRCast - ASMR OyatsuBox July 2015 [Binaural 3D] - Monthly Mystery Japanese Candy Unboxing & Tasting!
Jul 30th 11:07 am
GREEK ASMR - Asmr~summer beach sounds~no talking🐬
Jul 30th 7:07 am
TirarADeguello - ASMR Binaural Rune Stone Reading for Wandering Whispers
ASMR Sadie
Jul 30th 6:07 am
ASMR Sadie - Eating Brownies ASMR
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Jul 30th 2:07 am
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Jul 30th 2:07 am
The ASMRCast - ASMR Minecraft [Binaural 3D] Building A House For ASMR - Part 6 Finishing Foundations
Jul 30th 12:07 am
huddlpj - ASMR TRIGGERS - Typing, flipping pages, and writing
Jul 29th 11:07 pm
VoiceOfSam - ASMR | The Interview

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Recent Comments

zack marcotte zack marcotte said ( 6h 10m 59s ago), Thanks so much...just had some s**t going on in my head...getting
"attacked" for the way I am
WhateverIsTrue01 WhateverIsTrue01 said (18 weeks ago), wow the whispering sounds amazing
Donny Beeson Donny Beeson said (19 weeks ago), No no I'm the moron
Tommy Berger Tommy Berger said (22 weeks ago), Mark Wahlberg is crap...what the hell do you even know acting lol but I
don't care Mt favorite actor is Brad Pitt hands down
ibrah imovich ibrah imovich said (26 weeks ago), I subscribed because 5 minutes in I completely melted :)
John Graves Simcoe John Graves Simcoe said (28 weeks ago), CDs? What is this the 90s, did it come with a walkman 
peacefulslumber ASMR peacefulslumber ASMR said (29 weeks ago), Your hands are so beautiful! Lovely video, hope you had a lovely Christmas!
Kal-EL230 Kal-EL230 said (30 weeks ago), I received the X-Men movie as well and instantly thought of you...and not
in the creepy way that could have sounded. Love the glasses and you look
angelic. Thanks for the vids. Keep up the great work.
LauraLemurex ASMR LauraLemurex ASMR said (30 weeks ago), I just watched X Men Days of Future Past today. I also agree, has to be up
there with one of the best films i've seen this year. :)
Lovely collection ^__^ - The sticky sounds were a delight :)
jb listener jb listener said (33 weeks ago), It happens, don't take it too badly. All the largest ASMR artists
regularly post blooper videos. Showing your humanity is one of the things
that viewers find endearing. :)
StarASMR StarASMR said (33 weeks ago), You're no moron - in fact, you may be a genius! I really liked this video.
:) x
Leenona Wally Leenona Wally said (34 weeks ago), Ilse you should try Miso Soup! It involves tofu in it! It's super good!!!
Can you do a video on it?!😊😄
TotallyASMR TotallyASMR said (38 weeks ago), Oh that was wonderful. I didn't know until now that I do love the sounds of
different soft fabriques of socks so much. The leg warmers look very cute
and the whole collection of footwear is a nice insight in your
unpretentious but lovely taste. Above all your soothing breath lays a sweet
rhythm underneath your detail loving descriptions and actions. Thank you so
much for this lovely video. You're a pure gem :D
MaverickC45 MaverickC45 said (38 weeks ago), I think this video is pretty weird :p but my fav is the pink one (the
first)... ♥
Atmentod Atmentod said (38 weeks ago), oh i loved this combination - very nice :)
ExoticFireGirl ExoticFireGirl said (54 weeks ago), I went woah where re her nails

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International ASMR Day! April 9th

Ever heard of Alan Chumak? He was a 1980s Russian TV faith healer. ASMR - Alan Chumak 1980s Healer (real). The physiological response that is relaxing has probably been around for melleniums, it is only within the last 4 years the ASMR community has recognized the response and created a community that masters relaxation. A welcomed change in a world that is sometimes so fast paced. Spread the word this ASMR day to someone who may enjoy relaxtion and tingle bliss!

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