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What is A.S.M.R.?

Some say Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a tingly sensation in the scalp and spine, beginning as far back as childhood while others say it's a pleasurable seizure or brain orgasm. Some simplify it as a relaxing experience perfect for winding down from a stressful day.

Read about the Science Surrounding AMSR.

Humans have alot more than 5 senses

Today I found out humans have a lot more than five senses. It turns out, there are at least nine senses and most researchers think there are more like twenty-one or so.

Read more about our 21 or so senses.

Braingasm ~ The Documentary!

Watch scenes from the umpcoming ASMR documentary - ASMR Collection of Triggers ~ crinkles, beads, sand and MORE!.

Listen to GentleWhispering the biggest ASMR artist talk about the phenominon Scene from "Braingasm" (the ASMR documentary) featuring Maria Gentlewhispering.

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ASMR - Gregory Scott - Daily Tarot Reading for 26 September 2016 | Gregory Scott Tarot
Gregory Scott
Channel: Gregory Scott

Hi! Welcome to your daily tarot reading! Please like and share! Visit http://www.gregoryscott.com/tarot-astrology for private horoscope, tarot and numerology readings.

With love and light, Gregory
Daily Tarot Reading for 26 September 2016 | Gregory Scott Tarot

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Uploaded: Sep 25th 2016 • Comments: 16
Subscribers: 46804 • Subscriber Growth: 5.6%
hermetickitten - ~☾ INTRO ☽~ Hermetic Kitten~
tabuhanasmr - ASMR Hand Sounds, Hand Movements - 3D Binaural, No Talking, 40 Minutes
tarotastrology - New Moon in Libra October 1, 2016 | Who To Love!?
tarotastrology - Daily Tarot Reading for 27 September 2016 | Gregory Scott Tarot

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ASMR Sadie
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ASMR live - ASMR Gaming #3 Valiant Hearts: The Great War
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Sep 26th 9:09 pm
Tabuhan ASMR - ASMR Hand Sounds, Hand Movements - 3D Binaural, No Talking, 40 Minutes
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Sep 26th 9:09 pm
Luminin - ASMR Let's Plays - ASMR Divinity: Original Sin 2 | Amyro Rescue! | ASMR Gaming & Let's Play #11

How to use Piracetam

Tingles disappeared? Worried about optimal brain performance? Maybe you are suffering from years of alcohol use. (Aren't we all?) There is a new vitamin/supplement backed by PHD's and energy drink manufacterers called Piracetam. Learn how to use it effectively. http://forums.asmr.fm/read.php?3,2384

Liposomal Vitamin C

Liposomal Vitamin C is a soy lecithin encapsulated ascorbic acid. Us, along with fruit bats and great apes, are among the few who have stopped produciing Vitamin C from our livers (reptiles produce it from thier kidneys), and as a result we need large amounts from fruits. See how to make your own liposomal vitamin C here. You can also make liposomal vitamin c from cherry skins, it is a little more expensive, but provides b vitamins and anti-oxidants. Enter the ASMR nutrition forums for more.

The Great YouTube Purge of March 2016!?!

Incredible things are happening inside Youtube Search! ASMR is skyrocketing, yet there is a big big surprise. See the stats here


   Ethereal Planet - Mortality Redefined

Russian internet millionaire is trying to change nothing less than our destiny, by making it possible to upload a human brain to a computer. Read the Truth Here.


Recent Comments

Abdollah Al Zarouni Abdollah Al Zarouni said (   6m 14s ago), You're an ASMR genius!<br />I don't know where you get these idea from but you're such a clever creative guy!<br />Keep it up 👍🏻
RAP1D X BA11ER RAP1D X BA11ER said (   8m 18s ago), O_O<br />• • •
ASMR Power Of Sound ASMR Power Of Sound said (  12m 29s ago), The plaster felt good, thanks Sensor! :)
Swagrid Potter Swagrid Potter said (  32m 56s ago), Amazing thank you for relax
Jess Raines Jess Raines said (  34m 18s ago), Where is that necklace from?? I want to wear it for t cleopatra consume for Halloween!
Corinthian Corinthian said (  38m 12s ago), Really good idea! I like it sensor!
marboubou marboubou said (250 weeks ago), Very good. Thank you!

acidbath32 acidbath32 said (251 weeks ago), @yeshman1000 yeah todays sunday and im wearing my hemp jacket strung together with gold wire, always makes me feel strange but good sometimes because it can conduct different energies depending on the day, mood, time of year, whatever other gemstones im wearing, etc
acidbath32 acidbath32 said (251 weeks ago), very awesome that you are playing the scale to the rhythm of the entrainment beat
Greg Holt (GregDiablo) Greg Holt (GregDiablo) said (251 weeks ago), I had a blast jamming with this one, J.D. Perhaps I'll create a response video when I get the feel of the entire piece a bit better. Thanks! (Dm Gm Bb A7)
Jezebel Decibel Jezebel Decibel said (251 weeks ago), @RaverJedi Thank you, it's nice to hear I worked the sounds together well.
JediMaster JediMaster said (251 weeks ago), Good Job Jandy! Very nice oriental sounds:)
O-zen O-zen said (251 weeks ago), This music plays perpetually in a bright marble hall that is somewhere else... I love it.
Robert Vaughn Robert Vaughn said (252 weeks ago), 7.5 Hz entrainment rate...that's the ticket
King Tut King Tut said (252 weeks ago), lol
Colette Barrett Colette Barrett said (252 weeks ago), Wonderful to see you creating new pieces, Jandy! Sending love and light your way. Many blessings to you! :)
bluestars133 bluestars133 said (252 weeks ago), all love to all, Bless!

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10 Ways to Protect Yourself
From NLP Mind Control

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one of the world's most prevalent methods of mind control, used by everyone from sales callers to politicians to media pundits, and it's nasty to the core. Here's ten ways to make sure nobody uses it on you, ever. Read More...

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness raises the question as to whether our current lifestyles nourish the soul and replenish the spirit. Take a seat and lend your ears to the next generation of holistic healers who have more on their plates than an easy blue pill fix. ASMR is quickly becoming the next big thing in medicine as an alternative healing approach to a growing global epidemic.

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Epileptic Vibrations

Vibrations are as old as time, and a possible alternative formation of the stellar content of the universes rather than the catholic law of the big bang. Epileptic vibreeethuns, escuse the silliness, are as old as mankind. Read more about the epileptic possibilities of ASMR.

Read more about vibrations here..

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