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    ASMR.FM membership offers complimentary services to the Youtube community. Video content creators which provide content in the following genres are encouraged to sign up. Whispering, 3D/360 Audio, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), Binaural, Hypnosis, Visualizations, Relaxations, Experimental, Commentary. If your genre is outside these categories yet complimentary to other works found within, please think of […]

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    Exactly how did you think you were going to find them all? There are thousands of creators in the ASMR world and more and more of them keep coming. Creating an ASMR video is a little part magic, a little part skill, and a whole bunch of heart! 😀 Sometimes we call them ASMR’tists too. […]

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    ASMR is an acronym for Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response. ASMR.FM sits overtop of Youtube, offering additional services for ASMR’tists. Easy donation buttons, blogs, pay per view options, and mobile support, to name a few. For a list of features please see the feature list. Why are these videos different? You will have to ask each individual […]

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    Gum Shop Salesman Roleplay (Soft Spoken ASMR)

    Hey poopsies! This video includes gum chewing (with the regular incorporated wet mouth sounds that comes with chewing gum), along with my soft-spoken voice, and me trying to sell you gum including Ice Breakers, Orbit, and Trident, along with many flavors of gum. I tried making this video as simple as possible to bring back […]

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    Manley ASMR – ASMR for Men

    Tired of all those ASMR videos by women trying to put makeup on your face or showing you what’s in their purses? Manley ASMR is a manly ASMR series for men, hosted by a man’s man named Iggy M. Manley. From boots to video games and tools, you’ll find nothing but manly ASMR here. None […]

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    An ASMR Kidnapping. BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.

    This video was inspired by the super creepy “personal attention role plays” that have kept me up at night. Also, have you seen the movie Misery? Because this Role Play was inspired by that as well. You’re gonna need a sense of humor for this video! Some ASMR triggers you may find in this video: […]

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