ASMR Leather Sounds and Gum Chewing (Soft Spoken & Ear to Ear Whisper)

Hi, everyone! I had originally bought this costume for a role play which was going to be a Rogue (from X-Men) RP, but it ended up not working out because I couldn’t get my hair chalked properly for the character and also because the jumpsuit did not fit well enough to properly portray the character. So instead of immediately trashing it (which is where it is now, in the garbage) I decided to wear it once for a video in which I could imitate leather sounds. I think it is more of a vinyl material now that I look at it, so I will also put vinyl sounds among the possible ASMR trigger sounds you will find here. Apart from that, there is also an ear to ear whispering and soft-spoken voice, as well as copious amounts of gum chewing for those who like that kind of thing. I realize that I almost never do gum chewing so I wanted to include it at least once for those who are a fan of that trigger.

Important Update about Heather Feather

ASMR Aviation Sleep Destination