ASMR is an acronym for Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response.

ASMR.FM sits overtop of Youtube, offering additional services for ASMR’tists. Easy donation buttons, blogs, pay per view options, and mobile support, to name a few. For a list of features please see the feature list.

  1. Why are these videos different?

    You will have to ask each individual artist, however, these videos are ASMR aware, and they attempt to explore sensory responses through a variety of methods. Areas of research interest may include synesthesia, chakkras, prose, experimental film, neuro-science, and hypnosis.

  2. What is the difference between intentional and non-intentional ASMR?

    Some artists have mastered techniques which increase tingle effects through the use of special microphones and mastering techniques. They may be regarded as intentional AMSR artists, while newer artists may be in a non-intentional stage. This website makes attempts to include intentional artists, however, it does not discriminate against newer non-intentional artists.
  3. Participation – What information do you collect?

    Information about your videos, which ones are public, as we have no right or ability to access your private videos. Nor do we collect your subscriber information, or personal information beyond what is initially provided by you to youtube, such as your name, age, and country of origin. Should we decide to collect your subscriber information at a later date it will require permission on your behalf. As it stands currently we cannot access your youtube account offline or beyond a 1 hour time limit without your expressed permission.

  4. Participation – Radio Broadcasts

    Clicking one of the icons will download a playlist that you may open on your computer, enabling radio play.Or you can start listening right now by pressing play

    We may feature one of your audio tracks on radio when you join as a participant. We will remove at your request, audio files from a live broadcast, archives, and future broadcasts.

    If you want your asmr segment included in the daily rotation, if you are a DJ, or if you have an interesting radio show that should be broadcast live or included in the daily rotation, please contact [email protected]

  5. How did my videos get on this website?

    They were added by someone else. Youtube allows videos which are public to to be displayed on third party websites unless otherwise stated by the content creator. ASMR.FM is beta test phase, if you would like your videos removed from this website, please send a message to [email protected]. Youtube also provides controls within thier administration sections to prevent others from embedding videos on third party websites.

  6. What is Open Source?

    Open source is a software methodology which allows one to download the code belonging to the software project for use with their own website ventures. This satisfies a number of unique requirements where some people may want exclusivity and flexibility with their own website project. Please see the package distributions here for more info

  7. I already have a website/ blog/youtube, what good is ASMR.FM to me?

    ASMR.FM offers content creators extras such as custom mobile, e-commerce and pay per view billing. It is also a great place to promote your ASMR content free of charge.

    For a list of features please see the feature list below.

  8. How can I support the artists and content creators?

    Donations, Gifts, Gratuities, Subscriptions. Some artists may choose to run advertisements. Donation buttons can be found on the respective artists’ pages and all monies go directly to the artists, does not act as an intermediary for transactions.

  9. How much does it cost?

    Signing up to the basic service is entirely free. There are no fees to use the service. ASMR.FM may adopt a freemium model and/or solicit donations at a later date should operating costs become prohibitive or unwieldy. Videos are hosted on youtube, so there are no heavy operating costs.

    Donations are collected using the PayPal system and they typically charge a fee of 2.9% + 0.39 per transaction. ASMR.FM collects an additional 0.23 per transaction or 2.7% per monthly lump sum (so if a pledge is only 1.00 we will collect the lower fee of 2.7%. If a pledge is 100.00 we will collect 2.7%, 2.70 cents.) as of August 31rst 2015. This fee is subject to change.

  10. A Note About Country Restrictions

    Setting a video to restrict to a country within the YoutTube interface will block it completely across all countries in ASMR.FM at the time of this writing. (Feb 10th 2013) This behavior may change with the second release of the software.

  11. What’s the difference between authenticated and non-authenticated?

    Authenticated users make use of encrypted services and grant access to youtube accounts for additional functionality such as commenting. Non-authenticated accounts are not password protected and the information available to them is the information which Youtube provides freely to the general public through the youtube service.
  12. What information does this website access from Youtube?

    Non-Authenticated users provide publically accessible information as provided by youtube for re-use on third party websites. Authenticated users currently do not provide any additional information than non-authenticated users. Passwords are never shared between youtube and this website. Authenticated users have additional access to functionalities not available to non-authenticated users as dictated by the privacy and terms of service of Youtube.
  13. Who is running this show?

    Me. James Weisbrod. I live in Ontario Canada, grew up loving short films, and attended film school, and after a successful business venture, I began with web development. I am an underspoken reasonable individual who has adopted a shoot first and ask questions later project policy. If I may be of any assistance, please contact me at [email protected].
Please Note: ASMR.FM is currently in Beta and information below is subject to change. Want to add something to this F.A.Q., please contact us at [email protected]. Creator and/or Investor inquiries are welcomed.


ASMR.FM is an ongoing effort to provide features which are useful to content creators and viewers.

  1. Pay what you can donations for Pay Per View.
  2. Basic Commerce for simple items.
  3. Paypal Donation/Gratuity and Skype Buttons
  4. MediaFem and Adsense Support
  5. Analytics Support
  6. Domain Name Support
  7. Blogs

Version 2 feature requests.

  1. Full Support for Country Restriction.

Package Downloads

Downloads are available for limited release packages which enable groups to access the ASMR information database. This enables developers to extend and modify the source code to thier own needs. Gratuities are appreciated.

Download Tables
  1. Alpha ReleaseThe software is available on request. [email protected]

    Notes about the software.

    • The alpha release acts as a multi-website community hub.
    • The software requires an SSL certificate to function properly due to the Youtube interface specifications.
    • There is no installer. Some variables are hardcoded.
    • Code is not documented.


  1. Beta ReleaseThe software is available on request. [email protected]

    Notes about the beta release (under construction).

    • The beta release is for stand-alone single mini video websites.
    • The Alpha Release as a community hub above is available on request.
    • The software requires an SSL certificate to function properly due to the Youtube interface specifications.
    • There is no installer. Some variables are hardcoded.
    • The single standalone software with the installer is in the work and will be available in a convenient and easy to use the downloadable installer. WORKING COPIES WITHOUT INSTALLER ARE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST.