Important Update about Heather Feather

Hello Everyone. I am Heather’s good friend Chai. She has asked me to post this video for her as she is currently unable to do so. As you will see from the video, Heather is in the hospital. The issue she had a few years ago with her neck has popped up again. A lot is up in the air at the moment, as she will likely need surgery, we just don’t know when. She is in a lot of pain but it is being managed by the doctors and nurses. They are trying to manage the swelling before they can actually do any surgery, which will potentially entail the removal of her salivary gland.

She has asked her friend Ally AsmrRequests to give everyone an update on her behalf so you will know that she has not abandoned her channel.

To everyone who has posted to her, they have been bringing her a lot of comfort when she can read them. She would like to thank you for the love and smiles you have been sending her.

She wants you all to know “You all rock, now I need to get this rock out of my neck. I will be back. I just don’t know exactly when just yet. I miss you guys.

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