The Most Relaxing ASMR Video Ever Made Part 4

I haven’t made an hour of footage in five months! It was long overdue and I am thrilled to finally be able to release part four of “The Most Relaxing ASMR Video” Series! I am really hoping to do a part five if this is successful. I included some new triggers in this one such as the umbrella and the bracelets, as well as crayons. The rest of the triggers are a play on triggers I have included in the past or formulated into something similar. This new camera looks AMAZING by the way. I am admiring the quality of the footage as I edit. There are times I feel I should slow down so that the camera may stop focusing so much, because it is on auto-focus, however it is the best method. Otherwise, I cannot show you objects up close and really provide that visual for you. But I do think I am sticking to this microphone and camera for a long time, that’s for sure.

DotCalm: Relaxation Program (a futuristic 360° ASMR experience)

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